För tre år sedan föddes det en liten katt i Haacht, Belgien. Min lille Caspar och hans tre syskon. Läste ett blogginlägg jag hade gjort några veckor efter att jag hämtat hem honom - man kan verkligen läsa glädjen över att ha fått en liten kamrat:
Life has changed a bit here in Brussels. I am not alone anymore, but have a little kitten to take care of. I have never possessed anything so beautiful and precious until now. His name is Caspar and he is behaving just like a Kasper should. There is always something going on in his mind, like figuring out how to find a way through all the obstacles to jump on things he isn't supposed to jump on (as in on the windowsill to get through the open window) or how to get into places, where I can not get him out again (as in behind the washing machine)... :) When he wants my attention he meows loudly and I think he has been hurt, jump up to get to where he is and all he wants to do is play or be cuddled and is awaiting me underneath the stairs to catch my leg. He is constantly around me, when I work at the laptop he lies on the table next to the mouse (of course!) and when I sit on the sofa, he is lying next to me or just fooling around, giving me lovebites.. When I move around the flat he moves too. I wonder when the time comes, when I will be able to take a bath on my own again! He usually joins in - yes, he dips his paws into the water and thinks it is very strange that I have foam in my hair. But the most wonderful moment is always, when we take a nap and he lies next to me and puts his head on my arm and purrs away until he falls asleep. That feeling he gives you then of complete trust and love is just worth more than anything else in this world. So yes, he is my big love! ;)
Här kommer en länk till lite bilder från de senaste tre åren med den lille krabaten: Zo_fees photostream on Flickr
Han är fortfarande busig och jag undrar när det kommer att lugna ner sig. Han är ju faktiskt ingen tonåring längre! Enligt omräkningsschemat är han nämligen 31...
Kattår = människoår
1 år = 17
2 år = 27       
3 år = 31       
4 år = 41       
5 år = 45       
6 år = 46       
7 år = 51       
8 år = 58       
9 år = 61
10 år = 62     
11 år = 67     
12 år = 68     
13 år = 71     
14 år = 78     
15 år = 81     


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